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Complete emollient therapy from Epaderm

Emollient therapy is one of the most comprehensive means of treating dry skin conditions. Emollients offer similar but more robust benefits than standard moisturisers. 

While moisturisers work by infusing moisture directly into the skin, emollients actually trap moisture within the skin and prevent dehydration.

In many dry skin conditions, moisture loss is a key concern, and the crucial benefit offered by emollients can make a big difference. The use of emollients to treat dry skin conditions is known as emollient therapy, and is a key focus of the Epaderm product range.

In chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, emollients can be used alongside other treatments for maximum effect. We recommend using emollients in a variety of situations in order to achieve maximum benefit. As such, our products are tailored to be versatile and flexible to suit your lifestyle.

Epaderm Ointment can be used as a direct emollient, but also serves as a moisture rich skin cleanser when mixed in the hand with warm water; likewise, it can also be mixed in with a bath for a relaxing soak which will help lock moisture into sensitive skin.

Wet wrapping is another technique, by applying Epaderm Ointment beneath an appropriate wet-wrap or dry-dressing material, the ointment is able to better penetrate and hydrate the skin. In order to get the most out of Epaderm Ointment, the Tubifast Garment range that is a comfortable, seam free solution, is a suitable combination.

Whether you are looking for a simple emollient to assist with moisture retention, or require a complete emollient therapy for chronic or persistent skin conditions Epaderm can help.

Caution: Wet or dry wrapping therapy should be initiated by a healthcare professional trained in this treatment. It should not be used as a first-line treatment, nor is it suitable for the treatment of infected atopic eczema in children.


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