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The Epaderm Junior Survey’s ‘Emollient Equation’

The Epaderm Junior Survey’s ‘Emollient Equation’

  • 900ml of emollients per month
  • 10.8 litres per year
  • The average child will have eczema for six years

A staggering 65 litres over the course of childhood eczema!

The Emotional impact of Eczema

The Emotional impact of Eczema

90% of parents reported eczema impacts their child’s day to day life

  • A third said it affects their child’s sleep
  • Over half of parents report that eczema leaves their child irritable or fed up
  • 40% of parents said that eczema affects the clothes their child can wear
Emollient application infograhic
See the results

To mark National Eczema Week, Epaderm Junior have created an infographic which gives parents and at-a-glance guide to emollient application

See the infographic


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