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Don't let dry skin spoil your little one's adventures: tips and solutions for winter

1. Wrap up

Hands and the back of the neck are particularly vulnerable to drying out, so cotton gloves and scarves are essential skincare kit – as well as keeping them sung during adventures.

2. Hydrate 

In the winter cold drinks are less appetising, so many children drink less then. But keeping them hydrated can help their skin, so try warming up drinks like apple juice to make them enticing.

3. Apply Emollients 

Some moisturisers can actually contribute to skin dryness, but oil-rich emollients such as Epaderm Junior helps stop water from leaving the skin, which is great during winter. The ointment creates a thick, effective barrier and is often used at night, while the cream is absorbed easily, making it good to use in the day.

4. Avoid washing  

Many children would be delighted, but we don’t mean avoid bath time altogether! Hot water and soap can also dry children’s skin. Try replacing soap with Epaderm Junior Ointment. It won’t foam up, but cleans and helps lock moisture into the skin at bath time too.

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