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Stress can worsen the symptoms

When living with sensitive or irritable skin, it is important to be aware of the factors that might contribute to outbreaks and worsen symptoms. This understanding can go a long way toward managing your condition.

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A common factor that many will sympathise with is stress. During times of stress, our bodies can suffer physical symptoms in addition to psychological, and skin conditions are among the first to worsen.

With conditions such as psoriasis, the condition itself  can worsen the stress, creating a vicious cycle. It is advised that people who suffer from psoriasis make every effort to relax, unwind and get ample rest to help alleviate stress and its related symptoms. Taking a relaxing bath in the evening, and using Epaderm Ointment  as a bath additive can help to remedy the symptoms of stress and dry skin simultaneously.

Using Epaderm Cream after bathing helps support the skin as part of the Epaderm complete emollient therapy.

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