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A proactive skincare routine recommended for sensitive baby skin

Babies are highly sensitive to changes in the environment and a variety of skin conditions are common in infants. A number of conditions, such as cradle cap and nappy rash apply exclusively to young babies. For this reason, a proactive skincare routine is recommended to ensure a happy and healthy baby. For babies suffering with more persistent skin conditions, such as eczema, this is very important.

Epaderm recommends you pay close attention to the types of fabrics you expose your baby to. Wool and nylon can both be irritating to skin, so cotton is more appropriate. Likewise, avoid excessive soft toys that can gather dust and further irritate your child.

Diet is often a contributory factor for many sufferers of persistent skin conditions; and research suggests that there is a connection between milk and egg allergies when eczema occurs in babies under six months old. Always consult your GP before making any dietary changes.

Alongside addressing potential dietary issues, the use of emollients can be benefitial. Using four grams of Epaderm Ointment creates a moisture rich soothing bath soak, which is suitable for babies with dry skin conditions. After bathing, Epaderm Cream or Epaderm Ointment can be applied to young skin to moisturise.


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