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Remove household irritants for an itch-free environment

When caring for yourself and little ones with dry skin conditions it is very important to maintain an irritation-free environment. There are a number of factors which might not seem obvious, but which can serve as an irritation to sensitive skin.

Child kissing fathers nose

One often overlooked area is washing powder, which can often contain fragrances that blend into our clothing fabrics and can sometimes trigger flare-ups. Pick up non-biological, non-fragranced washing powders when shopping to reduce the risk of this potential trigger.

Another area of the house where irritation can sneak in is the bedroom. Dust mites can hide away in soft areas such as cuddly toys or non-protected bedding and cause havoc for our skin. Try to use pillow and mattress protectors and regularly wash soft toys, doing your best to avoid very furry ones which will trap more dust.

Epaderm Cream and Epaderm Ointment are there to help skin if it becomes affected by household triggers.

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