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Protecting your skin in changing weather

It can sometimes seem as though every season brings with it a whole host of woes for those with of dry skin conditions; from sun exposure and seasonal allergies in the warm months, to wind-chill, damp and cold in the winter.

The key to overcoming potential weather triggers and maintaining year-round healthy skin is consistency and preparation. Of paramount importance is a well-rounded skincare routine, which includes frequent and liberal use of moisturisers or emollients, will greatly lessen irritation upon sensitive skin.

Loose fitting water proof clothes are also a must, as damp clothes can cling to skin, rubbing and irritating. Be sure to buy good quality winter clothes, such as gloves and scarfs, in a material that does not itch or chafe your skin. In this case, cotton or silk are both good choices.

Those who are frequently exposed to damp should avoid overly hot baths and showers, as the heat can dehydrate skin. Instead, opt for a warm but not hot bath, and use bath emollients such as Epaderm Ointment to ensure that your skin is sufficiently hydrated after bathing.

In addition to this, the sage advice still applies: Always carry an umbrella!

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