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Get the most from every application

We encourage users of Epaderm to treat their applications as they would any other medical treatment, with diligence and consistency.

Father playing with child - Epaderm cream

Consistency comes in the form of dose as well as timing, schedule your applications frequently and use the same quantity each time. The pump dispenser is engineered to provide a four gram measure of Epaderm each time you use the Epaderm Cream. The product can be used liberally depending on area and severity.

It is important to add Epaderm into your daily routine to effectively relieve the symptoms of dry skin, including hydration and smoothness. 50g pots of the cream are small enough to take with you on the go for emergency top up if your skin is feeling fragile.

It is all too easy to relax once skin becomes clear and hydrated, but it is important that your skincare routine continues in order to keep the newly healed skin hydrated. These tips are to help you get the best out of Epaderm products.

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