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It made such a difference to how Cameo slept at night but also took us from a place where Cameo would scream if we put cream on his dry skin to actually doing it himself! He knows what to expect, we know what to expect.

Our bedtime routine is a simple but effective one. Both Cameo (who is two and a half) plus his one-year-old little brother Marlo both head up to bed at the same time. After watching a little chilled out bedtime TV, they head upstairs, brush their teeth and go in the bath. We put Epaderm in the bath almost every night. Sometimes before they get in, sometimes afterwards depending on how playful they are. If Cameo’s skin is having a flare-up, we’ll put Epaderm Ointment in the bath which is a bit like a bath oil. If it’s an average day we’ll use the Epaderm Cream in the bath and as a skin cleanser for the boys.

When it’s time to get out, dried and dressed. We all head to our bed and start the process of getting creamed. This used to be a bad moment for us, as Cameo hated the cream on his skin. But now, he loves it and wants to do it himself. Over time we’ve created a routine which involved him creaming himself while we sing ‘Creaming Cameo, what are we doing? Creaming Cameo’. Then we apply it again just to make sure he hasn’t missed any bits. Then once Cameo is dressed he sings the song back to us.


After that, it’s the usual story and off to bed. It’s a really simple routine but we have done it almost every night for the last 18 months or so. It makes a massive difference to Cameo’s skin, especially his legs. Even if he isn’t having a bad flare up, we still apply Epaderm Cream because we know it soothes the skin but it’s part of our routine now.

Here are my top 5 tips for creating a routine that helps you apply Epaderm to your little ones.

  1. Stick with it. A routine means it has to be done so often it becomes the norm. Stick with it through the tough times. It will get easier the more you do it. Remember routines can change too – keep the changes subtle and it shouldn’t disrupt anything.
  2. Get them involved. If you can get your little ones involved it makes them feel empowered and in control of what’s happening. Remember it’s their body and we won’t know how they feel every night. Let them pop the cream in the bath, cream themselves or put the cream away. Let them take ownership of the cream.
  3. Make it fun. This might seem impossible at first but something will click. Ours happened to be singing to Cameo about the cream. We would sing anything to him to help calm him down. One of our renditions of The Wheels on the Bus actually became The Cream on Cameo went around and around. It could be that you get their favourite toy involved (teddy bear LOVES his bedtime cream!) or you play hide and seek with the bottle and turn it into a game. Make it fun and you’re halfway there.
  4. Temperature! Sometimes when we’re the ones applying, it’s easy to forget how it feels. In summer, keep the tub somewhere cool, it will feel much nice going on the skin. The same goes for winter, remember how cold it can be getting out of the bath, let alone putting freezing cold cream on! Even if you keep the cream in the bathroom while you’re in there to warm it up a bit, it will feel nicer on your little one's skin.
  5. Get everyone involved. Make applying emollient at bedtime something that everyone does, talks about and enforces. If your little one stays at their grandparents or other family members house, the routine might change but applying the cream doesn’t have to! Make your routine suit you – but just make sure you have one.


Written by Epaderm Junior Ambassador Hollie Burgess


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